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Malumba CD Launch Highlights
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Malumba: The Story

A Musical Journey

Virtuosic, original and exciting, Malumba’s genre-defying music will take you on a sonic journey while making your toes tap and your heart soar.  With hints of Klezmer melodies, gypsy jazz harmonies, Celtic instruments and African rhythms, Malumba’s sound is unique and hugely versatile. Blending the sounds of Australia’s top folk and jazz musicians ensures performances are exciting and full of improvisation.Since forming in 1997, Malumba have released 6 CDs – Where Many Path’s Meet (1999), Interwoven (2001), Patterns of Change (2005) The Flow (2011), Step Beyond (2014) and The Passage (2018). Malumba toured the UK in 2000, and are a festival favourite, performing at many Australian folk festivals over the past 20 years, including Woodford, the National Folk Festival, Port Fairy, Cobargo, Folk by The Sea, the Illawarra, Major’s Creek, Four Winds and Mountains of Music Festivals. Dan Efraemson has also produced six books of original compositions which were funded by ARTSACT.

"World music, experimental, hugely instrumental group Malumba play accessible music that you can dance to.... Melodic, hard-rhythmic, bum-wiggling, chest-shaking, trancy dance music.- Emma Pearse, Canberra Times 

“The Flow is the most fantastic collection of music I’ve heard on one cd for a very long time. I am never tempted to skip a track. To do so would break the spell.” John Cowan, Narooma News

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